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Making your pain a thing of the past

What we do at Sonx Shock Wave is simple, help relieve our patient’s pain through the natural healing stimulated by Focused Shock Wave Therapy. We understand that chronic joint pain and other injuries can not only disrupt the activities we enjoy but can actually reduce the quality of our life. It is our mission to leverage our 20 years of Focused Shock Wave experience to restore your functionality and get you back to doing the things you want to do.

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Dr. John Furia, Medical Director

Dr. Furia is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and one of the foremost experts globally in the field of shock wave therapy. Dr. Furia stumbled upon shock wave therapy years ago while it was still in its infancy in Germany. He quickly became an early adopter of the treatment in the United States and a recognized expert. Dr. Furia has authored numerous published studies on Focused Shock Wave and is a regular speaker at international conferences. He earned his BS with Honors in Neural Science from Brown University and his MD from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Furia enjoys running, cycling, traveling, and wine collecting in his free time.

Sean Vieira, President

Sean was first introduced to Focused Shock Wave as a patient. After being a collegiate gymnast, All-Marine rugby player and almost 20 years of military service, Sean had developed considerable scarring of his patellar tendon that was causing severe pain. After months of other treatments, Sean found F-ESWT by chance and had the treatment. It worked so well that he decided to partner with foremost F-ESWT expert in the US, Dr. Furia, to give everyone the opportunity to experience this amazing treatment. Sean earned his BS in Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy and his MBA with Honors from Thunderbird. He enjoys working out and occasionally beating his kids at Xbox; and is still a drilling reservist with the Texas Army National Guard.

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